About Us Narmada the name is derived from a Sanskrit word which means giver of pleasure and we are here to assure you the same.


Our purpose is to make a difference in public’s life by providing highest quality of refreshing & purified packaged drinking water.


We started with the Wind, added Sun and now, once again, we bring "Water"in your life through our flagship company, "Narmada Bottled Water Pvt. Ltd." adding healthiest form of water in your lives.

We are a focused water company that aims to make a difference, at the outset, in Pune and then expanding in the other parts of India. We provide you with refreshing drinking water that is put through a unique filtration process, which gives it rejuvenating alkaline, antioxidant and ultra-hydrating properties. With our latest state of the art technology, powerful management and teamwork, we at Narmada Jal are persistently working to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers by providing excellent customer service without compromising on our quality.

As of now, to cater your demands, our product portfolio consists of supplying 20 litres Jar. We distribute & deliver water to everyone (including household, industrial, corporate clients, etc.). In this competitive environment, we focus on providing quality at optimum cost, on time delivery at your doorstep and channelizing our efforts towards constant improvement. We intend to operate with high ethical and moral standards while maintaining healthy relationship with our customers, suppliers and employees.

Try Us To Believe! 70 % of Your Body Will Thank You and Thank Us.


Drinking water is something we easily take it for granted. We assume that if our water is clear as it comes out of a tap, it is safe to drink. Circumstances occasionally shock us into the realization that this is dangerous assumption. Warnings given by local authorities to boil water before drinking to kill the bacteria. We generally drink & use water for cooking without a second thought about its purity. That certainly is the way it should be. Purity should be the norm. Unfortunately, that is not the reality. It is essential to drink water, but drinking pure water is a must. One cannot avoid being healthy and to remain healthy 'U' require safe 'n' pure water. Narmada guarantees safe 'n' healthy water.


NARMADA Packaged Drinking Water is manufactured in a very safe and secure manner.Our unit is well equipped with modern facilities for manufacturing the quality product. We have every thing under one roof right from performs, bottle blowing, Caps, Labeling, Packaging etc.We ensure quality and safety check round a clock.

To keep water in its purest from we rigorously go through various steps in cleansing the water as follows:

  •    Chlorination
  •    Sand Filter
  •    Activated Carbon Filter
  •    Softener
  •    Micron Bag Filter(5 Micron)
  •    Micron Cartridge Filter(1 Micron)
  •    High Grade Pesticide Removal Filter
  •    Ultraviolet System
  •    Reverse Osmosis(RO)
  •    Remineralization
  •    Micron Cartridge Filter(0.2 Micron)
  •    Ozonization


  • Our water is packaged in a very safe, strict hygienic manner in compliance with the BIS Certification.
  • Witness live feed of the water begin processed and packaged.Reverse Osmosized (RO) treated water.
  • The water contains added minerals to ensure the best and healthiest lifestyle.
  • Ultraviolet Sterilization treatment to get the purest, sterilized water. Ozonisations treated water for better purity.
  • Bacteria free water for a healthy and happy life. Contains calcium.
  • High Quality Standards at competitively less pricing. We are always open to your feedback and continuous improvement is our vision and mission.


M.D - Sunpower India Ventures Pvt Ltd, Narmada Bottled Water Pvt. Ltd. & Wheat Hospitality

A Businessman, Philanthropist, and social worker he takes a keen interest in charitable causes related to benefits of society & nature. Philanthropy initiatives in the areas of Nature, Missing Members, Spirituality, Medical and Education are very important to him. A farsighted visionary that he is, Mr Sharma created the platform of MissingU.org & wishes to extend his concern & thoughts to help common people across the globe in such an ordeal by reconnecting the missing to their respective families.

His wisdom and relationship has given his group of companies a strong foundation and his effective ground-breaking expertise are being leveraged in policy creation, processes, administration and business development.

Mr Sharma leads the company’s initiative to extend its presence into strategic markets and strengthens its development plan. An expert entrepreneur with over a decade of experience Mr. Sharma plays a key role in shaping up the growth model in his various ventures.